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Couple therapy with survivors of trauma research study

Couple therapy with survivors of trauma research study

Researchers from the University of Saint Thomas Graduate School of Professional Psychology are inviting survivors of traumatic experiences who have attended couple therapy to be a part of a research study. We are interested in survivors of traumatic experiences aged 18 and older who have attended couple therapy with their partner and are now satisfied with the quality of their relationship.

We are interested in what portions of your couple therapy experience were impactful in achieving relationship satisfaction. Your participation would entail filling out a brief survey about your current relationship satisfaction. If selected, you will be asked to participate in an interview with the researchers that will last about 60 minutes. This interview may take place in person or over the phone depending on your location.

You will not be asked to provide details about your traumatic experience, but we will ask you to briefly provide broad categorical information about the nature of the trauma for demographic purposes. This study is aimed at providing information to practitioners of marriage and family therapy about what survivors of trauma find most impactful when attending couple therapy.

If you are interested in participating we invite you to contact Eric Mortensen via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 612-618-0922. Or you may contact Kurt Gehlert Ph.D LP via email at [email protected] or via telephone at 651-962-4656
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