A few weeks ago something weird happened to me, and I was just curious on what it could have been..

So I had a cold (which probably was the cause of my low blood pressure(70/50)), and as I was tired I went to have a nap. Later my step-dad came to bring me something to drink, which woke me up. I kind of sat up, and I wanted to say "oh lemon and honey tea, thanks that's just prefect cause I have a sore throat!" or something like that,but I just said something like "Jekghnuegh ehg eygz!". But literally. I couldn't control my words, it was really weird lol. Then I laid back down and went to sleep.

What could this have been? I'm just curious ^^ My blood pressure was still very low after I got up later.

Thanks in advance for your help! Smile
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First Helper guest21373

replied December 5th, 2013
I actually was down to 65/50 before having my nap
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