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Could this really be Multiple Sclerosis???

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My wife after giving birth to my second child began to experience the following symptoms:
-tingling finger/toes
-deep dull pain in one leg/arm
-problems with speech
-chronic migraines
-deep body pains/aches
-extreme fatigue
These symptoms began slowly and have intensified to severe on a daily basis. Over a year ago she had to go on disability. She has seen 5 neurologists, 2 migraine specialists, and countless other doctors. The following are medications and tests she has done:
-3 three spinal taps
-annual MRIs
-neuro-psych test
-blood tests
-other types of tests I can't even remember
-infusions for one week (to address migraine)
-many other medications
Now this has lasted for five years. Some doctors say MS, some say silent migraines, one says fibro mayalgia. Whatever it is even doctors are now giving up it seems. This is getting to be very difficult for all of us.
Does this sound familiar?
Any advice/suggestions?
We have been to some of the top neurologist in Calif.. Some say she doesn't have MS since her lesions have not progressed.
What to do?????
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replied April 30th, 2011
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replied May 17th, 2011
It doesn't sound like it when your MRI's and spinal taps are negative. Have you been evaluated for an autoimmune disease?
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replied July 16th, 2011
I went through the same thing, for about 5 years, I first had a negative spinal tap, there were lesions on my brain all the symptoms were there but the doctors were not sure of M.S. like your wife they said Fybro,,, Lupus and M.S. Not until this thing called Dawson's fingers showed up on a cat scan would they say for sure it was M.S. Don't give up just keep on until you find the right doctor to take you serious. Your wife should have an autoimmune test done.
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replied March 11th, 2012
RE: Could this really be MS?
Sounds like she had a bad epidural. After the birth of my child, I experienced many of the same symptoms. They went away after 1 week; I got lucky. From what I've read, sometimes the epidural makes a tiny hole in the membrane surrounding the spinal cord. If it doesn't heal on its own, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leaks out and causes terrific migraines (I suffer from migraines and these were the WORST I've ever experienced), stiffness in neck and back, dizziness, fatigue, etc. In some people, it never heals and only a second puncture helps.

I hope that enough time has passed now and they've found the reason for your wife's pain. Best of luck to you.
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