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Could this have been in my body since then?

My husband and I have been together for 15yrs. Second marriage for both, I was just told I have herpes. He shows no signs and this is all new for both of us. My previous partner was far from faithful. Could this have been in my body since then??? My husband and I are both totally faithful to each other yet confused.
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replied July 27th, 2011
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yes it could be there many years, but don't worry about that, valtrex or it's generic acyclovir will generally take care of it, if your health is good and if u have insurance; get your doctor to put u on a daily supply year round NOT JUST when u get the itchy feelings started
now mfg is not allowed to advertise that this can cure the herpes but anecdotal evidence has been around for decades by many who will make the claim

and just so u know; 70% of all people have some form of herpes simplex

now something else u can do; at a vitamin store buy probiotics and take 100 billion cultures daily for a month, and cut in half for month and so forth till u get down to 10 billion daily; NOW WHAT will this do; it will boost your immune system so u can fight off problems more easily

so I hope u both just go on and enjoy your lives

best wishes
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