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Could This Be A Symptom Of Birth Control?

About two weeks ago, I had some very odd symptoms that I initially thought was because I was getting sick. I had about three days worth of nausea, as well as some constipation and bloating. Soon though, all three of these essentially went away and I began experiencing very intense muscle pain and weakness - VERY intense. It started in my lower back and spread throughout my body. Along with this muscle pain, I was fatigued, and my breasts began to hurt as well. It was this odd feeling like I was sick, and also like there was something hormonally wrong with me. I only began to think it might have been from birth control because when I went on my inactive week, I quickly began feeling better. As of this moment, I am two days away from starting a new pack of pills, and I still feel mild muscle pain/stiffness in my back and shoulders and also a bit in my chest as well.

What do you think? I know that birth control pills can cause tender breasts and bloating, but I have never heard of them causing all over muscle cramps/weakness like that. I would like to add I am not pregnant, and I have been taking the same brand of pills for a year now with absolutely zero side effects.
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replied March 14th, 2013
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I would suggest you start taking your pill as you would normally do and go and see your doctor and tell them about the side effects you are experiencing.

Your doctor might suggest a change it pill or birth control method.

I was on the pill for years and stopped taking it a couple of times and it was when I stopped and started I realised my body didn't like the hormone changes that I got with the pill so I began looking into non hormonal birth control methods and came across ONE. It's the copper coil (IUD). It's a T shaped device thats inserted into the uterus and protects against pregnancy for 5-10 years with no effects that you get with hormones. Can be removed before the expiry date if you want to start trying. You don't need to wait for your cycles to return to normal either.

The copper is what kills the sperm.
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