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Could the issues in the apartment have contributed to her death?

About 2 years ago, a family lived in our rented apartment for about 1 year. The mother of the family unfortunately just passed away this week.

She had a previous history of suffering from cancer (I don’t know what type), which she had (I presume) overcome before she ever came to live in the apartment. As far as I know she was healthy for the duration of her stay. But about a year after leaving she passed away from (I think) collapsed lungs. I have no idea if the collapsed lungs were as a result of the cancer returning, or pneumonia etc. (I can try to find out details if necessary.)

My concern is that perhaps her health, especially if she was immune-sensitive, was in some way affected by either of the two negative conditions that occur in the apartment. The apartment can be prone to mould, and pigeons tend to roost and mess in and near the balcony.

In truth, her year in the apartment was mostly entirely mould-free. We’d addressed the mould before they came. But it came back again after they had already left. The minor mould that occurred during their stay was only in an exterior service room. But nonetheless the apartment is prone to mould.

The bird problem, and bird mess, was indeed something that bothered her from the very beginning of her stay. But we did also address it for her, including hiring professionals to ‘bird-proof’ the area, and I personally cleaned the entire area, as well as her husband, every week, re-cleaning the recurring mess from the few birds that still returned. Again the bird mess occurred on an external balcony that is very well ventilated. And the entire apartment is in fact very nicely ventilated and airy. After we took care of the bird problem they never voiced any more concerns to us. Also, since leaving our apartment, for the last year, they have been living in a new area that is generally going through a lot of construction, so there is added sand and dust in the air.

With everything considered, it is weighing very heavily on my consciousness, and anxiety, that perhaps our apartment could’ve contributed in some way to her death.

I’m not asking for any any psychological, legal nor philosophical analysis, and I don’t you to go lightly on me - give me the raw truth please - am I in any way responsible for her ailing health? Is the current state of the mould or birds worse than normal, that I should try even more to take greater care to resolve?

Thank you.
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