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could sperm to travel thru my shorts her panties?

Ok, so me and my girlfriend were messing around. She was rubbing my penis outside of my shorts and underwear, and I was rubbing her vagina outside of her panties. Eventually, I came and all of it went in my underwear. About 10 minutes later when she left for the bathroom, I put a Kleenex into my underwear so I wouldn't have to feel the wetness all night. I'm not entirely sure if any got on my hand, but I think it might have because I could smell it on my hand. And remember this was about 10 minutes after. Then about 45 minutes to an hour later, she climbed on top of me. I started rubbing her vagina again and it was outside of her panties again. Now I'm just concerned, could her climbing on top of me allow the sperm to travel thru my shorts AND her panties and get her pregnant, about an hour after ejaculating in my underwear? Or could this hour after I may have gotten a small amount on my hand and then rubbing her panties go thru her panties and get her pregnant? We are kind of freaking out, since this is the first sexual thing either of us has done. I personally don't think there's any way, and she is a little worried, so I just want her to know that there is no way at all.
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replied September 11th, 2011
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It is very very unlikely that any sperm would have survived to make her pregnant.

Tke care and PLEASe be very careful when you play.
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