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Could my symptoms mean lymphoma?

Hi I'm 14 and have been feeling pretty sick for over a month. For about a month I've been complaining that I'm constantly tired and feel like I have no energy(even when I get 9 hours of sleep) and have gotten some headaches that usually last for less than an hour. With these headaches usually comes a dizzy spell and sometimes lack of balance. Recently, I've been having heat flashes and chills where I'll start sweating, even though the windows are open and I'm wearing light clothes. Also, I noticed that my submandibular (I think that's what it's called) lymph nodes on both sides seem to be swollen and have been for about a month. They aren't visible but they feel to be round, somewhat hard or rubbery, and don't seem to move. Also, they aren't painful or tender. Lastly, within the past week I've had a feeling of fullness in my abdomen which causes me to lose my appetite and not be hungry. I've already gotten a CBC that my doctor said was perfectly fine and my mom sent in for a lyme test. I haven't gotten any other tests done but haven't actually seen the doctor in person. My parents are worried that I'm barely eating and I'm worried that my symptoms could be something serious! Please help me!! sunny
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