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could it be the wrong diagnosis?

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ive been through a series of different kinds of abuse, by different people for lengths of time. i am emotionally unstable, and i am on so much medication, that sometimes im just numb. i am almost 18 years old (in september) and im not anywhere close to being on my feet to survive in the "real world" the littlest thing upset me to an extreme. i sometimes feel suicidal, or present suicidal ideation to my doctors. i have been diagnosed, as of years ago, with post-traumatic stress disorder, and depressive disorder. i was currently treated as an inpatient at a nearby psychiatric hospital where they crossed out the "depressive disorder" and re-labeled me with ptsd and bipolar disorder. but looking at the criteria, i think that i have borderline personality disorder. i meet 7 out of 9 criteria. could it be possible that the doctors gave me the wrong diagnosis?
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replied May 25th, 2011
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it is interly posible, mental heath conditions are ficcle at the best of times. what will probaly help you most is problay intncive councling, posibly also involing things like play theripy (many of us big kids realy and play is a brilint way to express emotions). you may find a pet helps,or if you do not feel you can cope with an animal you could get a robatic pet, which are grate fun but easy to keep and don't conplain, you swich then off and they stay there till you tern them on again.

it sounds more depressive but PTSD id common where there has been trumatic events in the past. if your mood swings follow the sesons it could be posible that it is SAD which reguly gets condused for bipoler as may of the syimptoms are simmaler but SAD dose not have a manic stage. also many do not realise emaotal instability is not neccerly bipoler it could just be difficult emotions.

if you still have access to childerns sevices see if creative ways can be found to help you express yourself and suport the talking theripys which in the end will be the thing which helps you move on. keep going, and ask for a reassemt in around 6 mounths to see if the change in diagnoces was accurate.

feel free to pm me for a chat if you need a nonmedical lissening ear.
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