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Could I still be pregnant ?

Okay well I stopped taking my birthcontrol pills in the month of May, for the month of June I didnt recieve my period at all an I just recieved my period like july 26th but my period is usually really heavy but now it's light or regular but within those 2 months I stopped using condoms and my boyfriend was cumming inside of me I took a pregnancy test on the 27th and it came back (-) but im having preganacy symtoms like weight gain, I be really tired alot, and appetite change. So is there a way I can still be pregnant even tho my cycle is on an my test came back negative?
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replied July 29th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
Going off birth control pills can cause this but so can pregnancy.

When comparing your menstruation now with what you got while on the pill you also have to remember that what you had while on the pill was not really menstruation. It was bleeding caused by the withdrawals of the hormones when taking the 7 inactive pills. The birth control pills stopped you from ovulating so the uterus lining never properly thickened so there were no traditional menstruation.

You have to wait for about 21 days after the unprotected sex to do a pregnancy test (7 days past the missed period).

If you have any doubts, see your doctor.
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