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Could I still be pregnant even though negative HPT at 9dpo?

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Hi had a mistake yesterday as I noticed that I was only 8dpo. Today after all my recent symptoms I decided to do a FRER and after 3 minutes the test was negative. After this I done some calculating and noticed that this is my 9dpo. Today I had some very mild cramping and tugging in my lower abdomen which was not nearly as sore as the last couple of days (felt similar to groin pains) and a lot of clear/white discharge which was rather sticky, however I am not really concerned about discharge as it had no foul smell, however noticed that my morning urine smelled slightly of semen. A smell that I had recognised from when I was in labor with my 6 yr old and sometimes after intercourse.

Previously noticed symptoms..

Extreme Tiredness, slight nausea, swollen breasts with dark blue veins throughout a slightly darkened aerola and around that area of the breast, increased CM (not foul smelling), cramping/groin pains and tingling in lower abdomen, increased sex drive, extremely sensitive around vaginal area, finding it extremely easy to hit orgasm, which is unusual for me, increased blood pressure, dizziness etc

Could I still be pregnant even though tests are saying negative?

LMC = 16/5/12
OD = 30/5/12
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replied June 8th, 2012
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9 DPO is very early to test. I would normally recommend 14 days and again 7 days later, if your period did not arrive.

In the mean time, make good use of your increased libido and ability to orgasm. TTC can get tedious and boring, doing it for fun and lust is a welcome diversion.

Best of luck TTC!
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