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Could I have lymphoma?


I am a male in late 20s, 6'4 200s lbs.

I have had a series of pains and worries, some of which are probably unrelated.

I went camping and left my contacts in for two or three days, which I never do. I wasn't so used to wearing contacts at the time. Suddenly I felt my eye different, with mild orbital pain. A few weeks later I noticed my lymph nodes on the left side of my neck behind the ear. Then I noticed that the pain in my eye seems to travel through my neck, my left upper back, and to my left elbow. It is mild but scary pain.

I did have a sore throat a few days ago, and I've noticed the lymph node being swollen lately. It is about 3/4 inch to 1 inch and movable, and beady. It is soft but still pebbly. There are smaller ones around the area which are also pebbly but not as large. There also seems to be a hardish small lump below this lymph node, which is like a hard vessel or something.

I also have a couple of these hard vessel like things in my penis lately, which could be thrombosis according to what I've read. One is near the base and one is near the head on the soft tissue -- they are under the skin, small, unmovable. Doctors have said not to worry about it. But it seems similar to the bump near my neck's swollen lymph node. Every one of these has a slight tender sensation, which increases if I bug the area.

After examining the neck node, I have feel nerve pain from my eye to my elbow.

I did have a sore throat and a little sneezing, which might have been allergies. I also probably have the more common oral herpes virus, which I read lays dormant in the ear. I take Paxil and have recently increased my dosage, but I've noticed this neck node long before that. It has been several months for both the penis lumps, the eye sensation, and neck lump. Doctor's tell me not to worry about any of it, but today I did get conformation that my lymph node in my neck is swollen by a marijuana doctor who seems to know his stuff.

I'm a cigarette and pot smoker for 8 years.

Could this be bacterial, viral, lymphoma? Is there any relation to the neck and the penis? I've also had some rib pain which comes and goes (not currently bothering me at all), which has been present for a few months, and chest x-ray came up clean. Blood results from a couple of months ago came up fine but who knows if all my bases are covered.

Please help, I don't have health care and I know something, even small might be going on, and I want the sensations to stop so I can go on with my life...

Thank you!
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