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Could I have Hypoglycemia?

Hello guys.

I'm a 17 year old male from the UK.

For the past 3 days now during random times of the day I get a shaking feeling, bad balance, loss of concentration, feeling a bit faint usually accompanied by a fast heart rate. I also feel extremely tired when it happens. I also feel a bit sick when I get these episodes, and I get a hunger feeling. I've also suffered with headaches for about 2 years now and the doctor said he thinks it's my sinuses but he can't give me meds until I get my heart on the all clear zone. Sorry to keep going on but I get very thirsty alot during the day and night!

If I eat something, an hour or so after I'll begin to feel hungry with these weird sensations.

I don't know where to start.... I've been diagnosed with an health anxiety disorder and I attend counseling as I am totally against taking medication for anxiety.

I had a blood test done about 2-3 months ago because I went to see my Doc about a racing heart beat, I got referred to a specialist and I'm still undergoing tests.

I had anemia in the passed because my doc thought I could have been anemic again but the blood test showed up 100% clear.

I was at the dentist having a tooth extraction and after the dentist finished putting in the needles to numb the tooth, I stood up and felt really dizzy/faint so they sat me down, then I started to feel really shakey and the dentist said it could possibly be that I had low blood sugar so they gave me a fizzy drink and continued with the extraction.

It's strange because I NEVER experienced this sort of thing until I had the experience of it at the dentist.

I'm really worried because I read that it can send you into a coma, I have an extreme fear of fainting...

Could this be Hypoglycemia guys? I am sure they are not panic attacks because believe me I've had enough of them to know what they feel like.

Any information appreciated, and if you need to know anything else please feel free to ask.

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replied November 25th, 2008
What's your diet like?

The thirst is usually a sign of high blood sugar whereas faintness is typically a sign of low blood sugar.

I'd recommened getting a glucose monitor to see what going on throughout the day and reporting back to your G.P in the first instance.
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replied November 25th, 2008
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just keep with the docs. I get the same way until I eat. I have been tested for hyperglycemia and hypo. All tests came back normal. So, they told me to just eat when I start toget hungry and feel dizzy, ect. GOod luck
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