I'm not on birth control, but my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time yesterday. We did use a condom yesterday during sex. About a week ago, after he came after oral, he put his penis close to my vaginal opening. We also did anal yesterday without a condom, but only for a short minute. The condom we did use during intercourse kept slipping off, but never all the way. There was a fluid in it when he took it off, but he says he didn't cum.

I was supposed to get my period 2 days ago, now it is over a month late. It is never exactly on time, always early if anything. Maybe 1 day late every once in a great while. I always get it at the end of the month, I've only gotten it at the beginning of the month a long time ago when I wasn't regular-ish yet. The month ends in 3 days and I'm getting worried.

Now I've been experiencing menstruation-like symptoms for about a week, but without the actual bleeding. I have never experienced symptoms like this for so long before my period (about 2 weeks now, last week I'm guessing was the PMS and now this week it could be pregnancy? I'm not sure). It's gotten worse today, I feel like I'm on my period with no blood. I woke up very sore and with bad cramps. I'm more sensitive to smells today I've noticed and even have gotten a craving today. I read that it is possible to feel early pregnancy symptoms this early. I don't feel nauseas or anything, but I am very tired, more than usual. I was sleepy half way through the day today and usually I never get tired until late at night.

Could I really be pregnant?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.
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replied December 27th, 2012
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It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant.

You cannot become pregnant from oral or anal sex. Also, it is impossible to become pregnant from the penis just brushing past the woman's external genitals.

While only one sperm actually fertilizes the egg, it takes millions of sperm to get the job done. So, first, sperm do not live outside of the body for very long at all. Most will die within minutes. Then, it would take millions of sperm living long enough to find the vaginal opening. They would then have to swim all the way up the vagina, through the cervix, all the way across the uterus to find the Fallopian tubes. Since the egg only comes down one tube each month, they have a 50-50 chance of choosing the correct tube. So, half go up the wrong tube. Then, the rest have to swim up the Fallopian tube to find the egg. If there is an egg there. The woman has to have ovulated within the past couple of days, as the egg also does not live for long. It also takes thousands of viable sperm to break down the barrier on the outside of the egg. All of these sperm have to release enzymes in order for one lucky sperm to be able to get in, to fertilize the egg.

So, just brushing the penis past the vagina cannot cause pregnancy.

Also, since you only had sexual intercourse yesterday, and your partner used a condom (and you state that he did not even ejaculate), you cannot be pregnant.

Even if you did have unprotected sex, and the gentleman ejactulated deep in the vagina, you would not be feeling the effects of pregnancy. For that to occur, the egg would have to be fertilized and then travel down the Fallopian tube to implant in the uterus, which can take days (5-7) to occur. Then the hormones will start to rise, which is what causes the "symptoms" of pregnancy. Thus, you cannot feel the symptoms of pregnancy in less than 24 hours after intercourse.

However, since you are now sexually active, if you do not want to get pregnant, you might want to get on birth control (pills, IUD, cervical ring, etc). Condoms do work, but they have to be used correctly and changed after each act.

Good luck.
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