hi i am Laura and i was just wondering if although i have done at least 6 home pregnancy tests,3 doctors ones and 2 blood tests although they all came back negative could i still be pregnant? Its just that i have been pregnant twice before once with twins and although they both resulted in miscarriage i felt the babies moving so i know what it feels like to be pregnant and i feel pregnant now. As i type this on october 15 2009 i am currently 18 weeks pregnant by my own calculations. I have asked my doctor about this as i have nausea, wanting to urinate constantly, eating loads, gaining weight rapidly, sorenesss in my boobs, i feel movement in my belly, i am not sleeping also i keep getting very bad dizzy spells all the symptoms i had with my first and second pregnancy. And she wont give me the time of day all she keeps saying is that i am not pregnant and even though i want to be i am not so she refuses to send me to the midwife or for an Ultrasound. I know that i should have had at least 6 consultations with a midwife by now and 2 ultra sounds so i am really worried for my babies health. Does anyone have any advice please i am very desperate for some help as both me and my fiancee feel i am pregnant but now will listen or help us. Thanks for reading all this any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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replied October 15th, 2009
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you should go to a different doctor and talk to them. or you should go with what you believe, and start doing everything you supposed to when your pregnant. ( sry im 14 Razz so im not that much help...)
but i no thats wat i would do.
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