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Could I be pregnant?

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Hi, I am a 30 year old female.
I was on the Nuvaring for 8 months and had to stop in janaury because of High Blood Pressure. Since then I have used no hormone contraceptives with my partner and have just relied on condoms and the withdrawal method.
I didn't have a period for 5 months but did have regular pregnancy tests, of which were negative.
I had a period 15th May which lasted for 2 days (weird as I was always regular and 3 days a month). Next period was 20th June (35 days later) and we had unprotected sex nine days after the first day of my period, my partner did not withdraw. Could I be pregnant?
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replied July 7th, 2009
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Yes you could sperm lives inside of you for a maximum of 5 days,so even if you only ovulated on day 14 from the firstday of your period there could well have been living sperm inside of you,Also not every woman ovulates on day 14 you could have ovulated on day 9,10,11,12,13 or earlier/later than day 14,This all being said the pill does mess up your cycle alot when you get off it,so it could just be that but my experience when i got off the pill was as follows,i got off the pill in feb 08 in march 08 (not sure of the exact date)i got a period then in april 08 no period so in may 08 still no period i did a 2 tests 1 week apart both said negative,so i assumed i was fine just my messed up cycle.Then in june 08 still no period so i took yet another test and got a strong positive so i knew i must be pretty pregnant as the line came up so fast and so dark in litterally 1 min if that.I immmediately knew something wasnt right with this pregnancy dont know how i just did so i was booked in for scan to date and check viability and so on,went for the scan and was told the foetus measured 10 weeks but womb was twice that size and baby had alot of fluid around it suggesting it had been gone sometime,so i had probably been pregnant since april 08 the tests had been wrong which has never happened to me before or after this pregnancy so im thinking it had something to do with the pill (although thats only my opinion nothing medical was mentioned about the pill)I know my story sounds bad but that was my paticular case ive only told you it all just incase you get negative tests and still no period but you believe the tests.I think losing the baby was just bad luck on my part many many people get pregnant whilst acctually taking the pill and have healthy babys i really hope i havent frightened you i cant stress enough that its not likely my story will happen to you good luck Smile
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