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Could I be pregnant ? I had period 2 weeks ago

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so me and my bf, had some intimate moments last time we were at his house

We started with foreplay and teasing each other.
After a while we went for anal because we like that and since i'm a virgin, i don't want him to enter there(vagina). But he finished inside my anus and i cleaned very well after so the sperm wouldn't reach my vagina.

I had my period 4 days later and 2 weeks have passed and i feel a bit nauseous and got a headache(although i believe that counts as ear pain because that has been playing up lately)
I also had some stressful moments with school, and that got to me aswel..

Today my mom asked if i was allright because of the nausseous and asking if my period went well and suspected things.
Now i am worried because of what she said and i didn't have my bf's penis on my vagina. we avoid that as much as possible, he did tease me with his boxers on over her but that's sortha it.

he never entered me. do you think I'm safe or pregnant...? please respond, im stressing out.
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replied September 15th, 2013
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There is almost no chance that you can be pregnant. In order for you to get pregnant, a significant amount of fresh semen needs to get deep inside your vagina at the right time in your cycle. And even then you still have a less than 50% to actually end up pregnant.

Personally I prefer to use condoms for anal sex, even with my husband. It is just that much cleaner and safer for me.
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replied September 24th, 2013
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You're not pregnant you're just sick or hormones are changing but definitely NOT pregnant.
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