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Could I be pregnant from my boyfriends precum?

Ive been freaking out. It was last night, my boyfriend snuck over and it obviously got sexual.
He was eating me out and fingering me, carressing my breasts and whatnot. Afterwards he touched his penis, and it had some precum on it. He put it in my mouth and I sucked it off. Shortly after he fingered me again, inserting the precum finger. After he left i went to the restroom finding blood in my panties. (He popped my cherry) And this morning I have been feeling more tired then usual with frequent headaches.
I've been researching all night, but nothing has come to calm my nerves. I am very young & scared out of my mind. I need help, or reassurance. Also, my period does not come regularly since I have first gotten it. So I am unaware of when I should be getting it in the future.
Help please. Thanks.
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replied December 25th, 2011
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It is not likely at all that you can get pregnant from that. Actually, impossible is more like it.

Please be very careful when you play. It is easy for things to get so heated during making out that you can end up doing something you will regret later.

Talk to your mom about your periods being irregular. It is often the case when you are very young.
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