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Could I be pregnant after 3 years?

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Long story but I will try to make it short, I have had 2 M/C and 1 Ectopic. My husband and I have been trying for three years to conceive. I'm thinking its too early to test but I wanted to get your thoughts.

10/27 Last period
11/07-11/08 Light brown spotting with clear and pink CM
11/09 Had sharp pain on my right side (My only tube attached)
11/09 Had sex
11/10 Had sex
11/12 Had sex
11/13 Started Prometrium per OB 3x daily
11/16 Mild cramping

I had no symptoms at all from the Prometrium and started noticing some symptoms of pregnancy a few days ago but confused on what the symptoms are from.

I had a bloody nose this morning when I blew it. I have been really thirty the last few days and have excessive saliva. My boobs aren't sore but I'm noticing the veins are getting more noticeable around the bottom leading up to the boob and under my arm Pitts. No spotting and some cramping on and off. My husband does think they are looking fuller? But he's a guy SmileI do get tired faster then usual and noticed sometime getting dizzy. I also do still have some milky white discharge and feel wet.

I'm 4 days till my expected period, is it too early to test? I don't want to see that BFN - Any advise from someone in my position?
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replied November 20th, 2009
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It is too early for some of your symptoms. They could be wishful thinking at this point. I hope you are pregnant.

Yes, it is too early to test. Wait a few days.
Good luck!
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