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could be all in his head

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my boyfriend has been having really bad anxiety but he thinks that everything is wrong with him .He thinks he is gonna have a heart attack, cancer and many other things that couldn't possible be wrong with him.He is constantly tired and throwing up every morning.He spends all of his day in bed not feeling good and being scared he cant even watch a scary movie without thinking it will happen to him.Does anyone know what could possible be wrong with him because im scared he will spend all his days in bed being scared please help!!
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replied December 24th, 2010
I used to experience pretty bad anxiety in the form of panic attacks. I've since recovered from them but I still get pretty anxious from time to time.

I think awareness is pretty important here. You should try to get him to learn about anxiety and it's causes if that's what he has. I'll be honest, his anxiety sounds pretty acute and maybe slightly worse then my own, but that doesn't mean it can't be helped.

However, does he have anxiety and is he mistaking for something else like a heart attack / cancer? Or is it that he has anxiety because he thinks he's going to get cancer / have a heart attack etc?

If it's the latter, that sounds like acute hypochondria which is irrational and can be alleviated by just visiting a doctor for a check-up regularly or cognitive behavioural therapy. The former however, requires an awareness of anxiety. If you know what it is, you can learn how to treat it. The Prescription anti-anxiety pill Lexapro is extremely popular and quite effective. You might get him to consider it. Also some form of counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy might be helpful in teaching him how to beat anxiety and possible hypochondria.

Also, he should consider researching or have someone research for him the symptoms of cancer and cardiac arrests, it may help to put his mind at rest when he finds they're not what he's experiencing.
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