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Coughing when laughing

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I have been told that I suffer with Asthma, but my main problem is that as soon as I laugh, I have a coughing fit - I don't wheeze, but seem to be coughing mostly when I talk to people or laugh, or when I dance,(my hobbie, which I do two to three evenings per week.) I seem to produce a lot of mucus, and when I need to cough, it is quite a violent bought of coughing. I am taking a steroid inhaler, but although it does help - it stops me getting a tight chest, it still doesn't seem to stop the coughing - sometimes I sound as though I smoke 40 ciggies a day ( I have never smoked, but my mother smoked around me until I left home) which is just so embarrassing. I also seem to have coughing fits when in meetings or other rather stressful situations. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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First Helper Jsb2

replied November 10th, 2011
I used to teach asthma classes to both kids and adults at a clinic in Los Angeles, for many years. Maybe I can help. Picture a row of fishbowls filled with varying levels of water, from very little to almost full. Now consider the different water levels to be the level of "control" you have over your asthma on a normal daily basis. When the water level is low (and the ashtma control is good) you can dance or even laugh or be around perfume smells or animal dander (or other asthma irritants) and be bothered very little or not at all. But if the water level is high because you have possibly missed some controlling medications - or don't take any - or because you happen to have a day where you are around dogs and dust mites and sawdust and flowering bushes and strong cleaner smells and on and on - then you can just chuckle and get a bad coughing jag. The trick is to keep your baseline asthma control good - to keep that water level low. There are many things to do in your life to help that and the more you do the less you will need to depend on meds to get good control. Encase your pillow and matress with dust mite covers (Sears; JCRenny's). Switch to hard floors or, at the very least, spray/dust your carpets with a dust-mite killing formula (Sears by the vacuum sweeper dept - called Capture). Don't allow your dog to sleep on your bed with you. Avoid perfumes and strong smells. Wear a mask if you are around them. Get a HEPA filter for your bedroom and run it all the time, keeping your door closed so the air stays cleaner .Google something like "Asthma/Allergy Lifestyle Supplies" and look through the catalogs offered - they are educational as well as a quick source for the things that will help you get better control without spending a billion dollars on gas.
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