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Coughing up green phlegm

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Starting last Thursday, I felt my Lungs were sore, when I tried to take a deep breath I felt a little resistence in my lungs.

That ended up leading to me now, coughing up a NASTY green phlegm, before it was more brown, however the current phlegm I'm coughing up does have some brown in it. A day or two ago, the phlegm was mostly brown.

When I touch the sides of my neck, right below the ears all the way down to the midway of the neck, it is pretty sore.

I also woke-up with a minor headache on the right side of my head (my first headache ever since I've been sick), it's not frontal head pain, more of a "side" head pain, but the area around my right eye is also pretty sore.

I also have a stuffy nose, when I blow my nose it produces a very green mucous, very similar to the phlegm I cough up.

Whenever I get sick I usually get sinus infection, which lead to a really stuffy nose.

My cough is also pretty guttoral, I do feel some pain/soreness in my chest and the pain is consistent even when I cough. When I first cough I often have to exaggerate it a bit so that I can force the phlegm up and out of my mouth.

I still feel a minor soreness in my lungs as well whenever I inhale deep.

What I think caused it? Well I have three possible answers...

1. Being that it is cold, when I work out I usually forget to bring a damn sweater so when I walk out the gym it's pretty cold...but I've been through worse weathers and I never got sick, but maybe it was just this one time.

2 and 3. I'm a college student, and I don't normally prefer drinking, but I prefer to smoke marijuana instead. I do NOT smoke ciggerates, but I'm not sure if this is bronchitis because my friends, who I smoke with, have smoked A LOT longer than me and they appear to be fine. I may have actually gotten sick from sharing the water pipe (bong) with a friend who claimed to be a little sick. I don't smoke now though being that I am sick.

For the record, I have no history of asthma or any other respiratory illness or other health conditions. I'm only allergic to a certain type of medicine, and that's about it.

My main concern is whether or not this is bronchitis, hence why I put this in the respiratory forum. I think it MAY be acute, not chronic, because I don't cough consistently everyday, but I have had this similar sickness before at the end of November and beginning of December.
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