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Coughing up chuncks of Tissue in my throat

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Hi there I am a smoker about 2 packs a week. I developed a throat infection a couple of months back and was given antibiotics to treat it. I finished the course but the infection (in my mind) has not cleared completely.

My concern is however that every day since, i develop some kind of tissue gunk at the back of my throat. If I cough really hard it comes out in big yellowish strips/sheets usually there are two strips about the size of a paper clip and then one bigger sheet about the size of first joint of the index finger of a grown man with large hands. The bigger bits seem to have what looks like blood capilliaries attached.

It stays clear for about an hour and then starts building up again. I can cough out the same amount of this tissue every six hours or so.
First I would only be able to cough it up through my mouth but of recent days It seems that it is coming out of my nose. I also do seem to get quite a bit of Sinus pressure in the nasal cavity before I have to blow one of these chunks out and it usually alternates between nostrils.

The tissue (i call it that because I do not know what else to call it) grows rapidly over night and I usually have to wake up in the middle of the night to cough it out. Once all the bits are out I then get a bit of blood spotting that goes away with a gargle.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here.
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First Helper John1_Suave

replied January 27th, 2011
Had my GP look at my throat yesterday and he has confirmed that I have a very very very ugly case of Post Nasal Drip.

He has sent off a sample to the lab for testing and prescribed a 2 week course of antibiotics.

I hope they help and not much more is needed after that.

For anyone who might have this, Oral, Dental, Facial and hand hygeine is of paramount importance.
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