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Coughing up black stuff?

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I have been coughing up blood and black stuff for a few months now?
Its not spoonfulls or anything but still about a quarter size of black and a quarter size of blood everyday. I went to the doctor about a month ago and they found I had pneumonia and they gave me medication for that but it didn't change my symptoms which are the blood,black, difficulty taking deep breaths, random sore throat and random raspy voice. I went back to the doctors and the took another chest x ray and they put me on steroids and penicillin for a few day. But they still weren't able to come up with the cause to the black and blood. I don't smoke and haven't traveled anywhere either. So I was just wanting to get possibilities on what it could be and a second opinion.
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replied July 3rd, 2011
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Coughing up blood is not normal. It is usually a sign of a significant problem. For it have continued for several months is very concerning. The black substance is usually dried blood.

You should get a second opinion, especially since the treatments that have been tried have not worked. You may need to have a bronchoscopy done, which is where they place a small tube, with a camera on it, down into the bronchi. An MRI or CT scan may need to be done to look at areas outside of the bronchial tree, in the lung tissue itself.

Good luck.
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