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coughing up black mucus/phlegm

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Hello, I wanted to ask a question regarding myself coughing up mucus/phlegm almost every morning that is black in color or is clear with tiny blackish/grey specs in it. I tried doing some research online but with little results. I do smoke marijuana on daily basis pretty much but I do not smoke cigarettes at all. On some of the sites I was reading on suggested that it is the tar/resin being expelled from your lungs and is the bodies natural cleansing method for getting the toxins out of the body. But I've also read that it could be caused by a jaw infection which oozes out from in between the teeth and gums and trickles down the throat to the lungs and that the infection could be caused by having wisdom teeth removed which I had done a few years ago. I was hoping to get a little insight before scheduling a doctors and/or dentist appointment.
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replied December 11th, 2011
Same thing for me!! o_0
WHOA - I'm having the EXACT same problems after a botched wisdom tooth removal (and resulting LOTS of medical issues!!)... Did you ever find the root of this???
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