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coughing huge amounts of brown liquid ?

Hello, this is my second post and just a simple questions.

whenever I don't smoke my morning cigarette ( because I don't feel the craving need if I start doing something ) after few hours I start coughing huge amounts of brown liquid which is disgusting and feels horrible. The time from the last cigarette until it begins is usually 12+ hours. i've had this when I tried to quit without wanting to, but got back to smoking and it stopped. Now I smoke the morning cigarette just so I don't cough that horrible thing, it's as if I cough a cup of disgusting coffee ( through the period I cough a lot ).

Just wanted to ask is this a bad thing or a good thing? because for sure I don't feel well, I feel worse than having a chronic bronhitus or how you spell it.

More info : smoking for over 12 years, changing brand depending on price ( smoke as cheap per quality as possible )
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