Hi, I’m 65. I’m currently being treated for anxiety and depression and they are pretty well managed with meds. But for the past 40 years, whenever I have gone through prolonged period of heightened stress (anything from a bad breakup to moving, which I’m now in the process of doing), I develop a bad dry cough. I have several fits a day and when it’s really bad, I cannot finish a sentence without coughing. In between fits my chest feels tight and something seems to be tickling the back of my throat.

I have seen doctors who say nothing is physically wrong with me my throat and lungs. I don’t think there is anything I can do but suffer through until I’m moved in. Lol. Since Christmas, my husband fell, was admitted to the hospital, had his legs operated on (PAD), went to rehab, I lost my phone, the car died, I found out we were moving in 4 weeks (husband needs a ground-floor apt), packed up everything (not done yet), help husband get around (he can’t help with the move). I guess the anxiety is to be expected.

But what flummoxed me when I asked my psychiatrist about it and he suggested I might have a cold! I know what a cold feels like! This is not it!

Is there anyone else this happens to? I’ve searched a bit but the latest posts I’ve seen were 7 years old.

Thank you! I’m starting to sound like Gollum.
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