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I have been coughing, for over a year, and it's really starting to bug me. I'm not sure what forum to drop this thread in so I chose Cold/Flu/Virus, hope that doesn't upset anyone if it turns out that's not my problem.

Let me give a quick rundown of when this started.

About a year and a half ago I had a nasty headache and diarrhea that I attributed to some kind of food poisoning. I went to the doctor and he said "you probably swallowed a bug" (not an actual bug). It was then that I started coughing and I let him know, he said that it was probably post-nasal drip and that'd go away.

It didn't.

For months I coughed so I went to an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor to see what he had to say. He gave me some anti-inflammatories and sent me on my way. Needless to say they didn't do anything and eventually made me throw up.

Couple months later, the cough subsided, only to re-emerge a few months after that. So, it's summer and I'm coughing and I think it's allergies so I go to a family doctor who gives me allergy medicine as well as Nexium (in case it's a gastro-somethign problem) well neither did anything and my supply of pills ran its course.

Come fall I stopped coughing yet again.

Then, late december I started coughing again and haven't stopped. I've tried to research what it could be from asthma, chronic acute bronchitis, allergies, gastro-something, etc.

The problem is I have symptoms that could relate to all those things.

I do get heartburn, I have taken Tums to alleviate it. My cough is dry for the most part and sometimes there's a wheez associated with it. The doctor's had said my lungs sounded fine, too.

Additionally, it seems I developed Cholinergic Urticaria (hives when i start sweating or get hot). This never happened before and started mid-december. It's probably unrelated, but necessary to know.

Oh and most recently I've had dry blood in my nose. I'll remove it sometimes but more dry blood shows up later. This is also possibly unrelated, but worth mentioning.

If anyone has any suggestions, that'd be great. I'm sick of going to doctors and being subscribed medicine for what is most commonly the problem instead of them actually figuring out what is wrong!
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replied March 10th, 2009
cough for over a year
I too have had cough for over a year, heartburn, shortness of breath, I have been searching on the internet and I think I may have finally found something - look up Gerd.
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