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Cosmetic and consequences of castration?

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I am a gay male of 16 years old. I have been seriously considering having myself castrated, with implants.
I don't plan on having children, and I hear that castration can prevent baldness and growth of body hair.
But what else would happen to me? Is what I hear true?

Edit: I'm not into castration or anything, if any of you are thinking that. I'm prone to tumors and cysts on my testes, and they cause pain/bloody ejaculate. I am just wondering if life would be any easier without them.
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replied May 1st, 2009
i mean you will lose much sex drive after castration or you have to take hormon pills.
the live will be more peacefull without a high sex level. as a older man (im 60) i often would wish me less sex drive, because my wife didnt have so much. and so it gives some problems and troubles between us. I believe the most men have this problems.
The cosmetic effect isnt less visible, your sac will be empty and shrink. With implants nobody will notice an different.
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replied May 14th, 2009
Bad Idea
The testes make testosterone, which does a LOT of different things.

Castration completely eliminates the sex drive of some people, and drastically reduces the sex drives of others. It also usually causes impotence. Sometimes it causes shrinkage of the penis, or feminization/breast growth. It often reduces physical streangth Sometimes it causes depression or osterosis. At 16, it could have effects on your growth. Yes, it prevents baldness and growth of body hair.

You can take tesosterone supplements, but then you are committing yourself to taking medicine every day for the rest of your life. This can cause long term side effects or be expensive.

Talk to your doctor and visit some cancer forums to talk to people who were castrated. I don't think a 16 year old is ready for this decision.
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