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Cortisone shot for bulging disc ?

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My husband is in the military and a few months ago, he hurt his back. Found out with an mri that it was a buldging disc. Hes been to therapy but only once a week for two months. The DR wants him to get a cortisone shot in his lower back so the pain will go away. However if the pain goes away doesnt he still have the problem with the buldging disc?
How long will it take for him to recover from something like this if he only does therapy once a week and if the cortisone shots work or dont work?
Will he be able to return to full duty in a short amount of time or will it take months?
Reason im asking is hes supposed to deploy in late Oct and he carries alot of weight. Will he be able to carry up to 90 pounds? Because now he picks up a bowling ball and it bothers his back.
Any info will be helpful, sites or recommendations.
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replied June 4th, 2010
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You're right... the cortisone only masks the actual problem. What kind of therapy is he doing? Has he gone to a chiropractor to see if that will help? Depending upon how bad the disc is & the kind of therapy, it could take him awhile to feel better. If it is too bad, I doubt they will allow him to deploy unless he goes on light duty. Best bet would be to write down list of questions & attend a doctor's appt with him and try to get him into a good chiropractor. Hope he feels better soon!!
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replied June 5th, 2010
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just my experience but i never heard of physical therapy just once a week. is he avoiding therapy. usually its several times a week plus daily routines at home.did he see a spine specialist or just a general practitioner. i would make sure he sees specialist. steroid shots reduce inflammation and can help your husband start moving again and then that bulging disc can retreat back to the position it should be in.....
your husband should avoid all lifting. i have heard a lot of stories of poor back care in the military so try to make sure he sees specialist and avoids future problems caused by advice from doctors who are not spine experts....
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