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coronary artery calcification and supplements

Can I safely take a multivitamins (Vitafusion Men's), krill oil (MegaRed) 1000mg, vitamin c 1000mg, coq10 (Qunl) 100mg and resveratrol (Reserveage) 250mg together daily? Trying to avoid statins, also have a low grade Lymphoma, but my doc at MD Anderson has said I'll die from something else, and don't worry about it. Hoping the something else is not heart disease!

Report from the cardiologist follows. The cholesterol levels were OK but not ideal. The calcium score has not change much over the last 5 years. I Would still recommed a low dose statin prevention - let me know if you agree and I will prescribe it.

Agatston/calcium score 18. In this 60-year old male this score translates to the 50th percentile for distribution of coronary artery calcification according to age and gender. Standard interpretation for a calcium score of 18 is as follows: Mild plaque burden. Likely mild or minimal coronary stenosis. Greater clinical significance because because calcium is present in two or more vessels.

Total cholesterol - 174, LDL cholesterol - 114, HDL cholesterol - 41, Trigs - 93
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