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Corneal Abrasion.. not blurred.. but now is.

3 days ago I was scratched in the colored section of my cornea.. I had headaches, light sensitivity, tears, redness, itchy eye sting.. but no blurred vision. I saw an optometrist yesterday who gave me a contact bandage to wear over night (which stopped the eye itch/sting) and antibiotic drops (Polymyxin B Sulfate andTrimethoprim Ophthalmic Solution).

My eye sting/itch, pain, headache and light sensitivity cleared up over night.. but now my vision is quite blurred. On the phone he told me it is due to the healing process, give it a week.. I'm concerned because I wasn't blurred before. I couldn't find any articles online where people didn't have blurring until they were treated.
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replied August 15th, 2013
Follow up: I stopped using the medicine and my eye blurred vision cleared up after a few days. I don't think I had an infection in the first place.
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