Are you in a relationship with a bipolar lover, spouse? If so, you need to be encouraged and helped as to know how to cope in this relationship, which is by the way, not easy!

Bipolar patients are normal human beings, who on the proper medication, lead normal healthy lives. Obviously, they are more sensitive and need extra care, but everyone needs care, so do they.

How can a spouse help?

* See that they are taking their medication (very important).
* See that they are getting to a psychiatrist regularly (every 6 months or less).
* See that they have a good routine. (Remember, working shifts is very bad for them).
* See that they are eating healthily and having 3 meals a day, not skipping meals.
* Being sympathetic when things are not OK.
* Being strong and supportive even if you are the victim.
* Have a good family support system, so that you have the care you need.
* Keep links with friends of the past and don't drift away from them. They can support you even if they don't understand.
* Exercise regularly and encourage your spouse to exercise too. This does wonders to their condition!
* When you are alone, pamper yourself. (We are often looking after them to the extent that we are never looking after ourselves).
* Don't accept bad, violent, abusive behaviour! Stand up for yourself at all times!

Hope this helps!
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