Im at the end of my rope. I go to see the neurologist on Tuesday but, im scared out of mymind. For almost 2 months, Ive had really scary symptoms and I have myself convinced I have a brain tumor. Ive been to the ER for chest pain 3 times and for headaches 3 times since December. 2 chest Xrays, A chest CT scan, Blood work every time and a non contrast CT of my brain. Everything comes back normal. HOWEVER, CT scans can miss small tumors and issues in the back of the brain, CT scans can miss lung cancer and XRays and CT scans RARELY pick up breast cancer. Im 25 years old and have 2 children... Im terrified and having trouble waiting to see the neurologist. What if I finally get an MRI and I have a tumor... What if its in an inoperable spot or it grows back, What if its cancerous or cancerous and came from another location? I had a cyst on my nipple in December... What if I have breast cancer that spread to my brain or that spread to my lungs and then brain?!

These are my symptoms:

Head pressure ranging from mild to moderate through most of the day; Seems to be moderate towards the end of day or when I am in the car.

On and off headaches in the temple region and sinuses that can be sharp and range from mild to moderate; Never seem to be in the morning or when I wake up. They usually after I have been up for a few hours or after being at work and tends to be slightly sharper on the right side.

Tingling sensation in my head that kind of feels like when your foot falls asleep or the chills.

Nausea that is mild but, udually throughout the day.

Leg weakness in both legs that is mild.

*****Right pupil dialation; The right pupil dialates quite a bit when in indoor light. Also, my right eye lid seems to droop slightly (The drooping is something I have noticed for a few years) and the entire eye seems to be slightly higher up than the other.

Random upper back pain and tingling like pins and needles. Pain is usually on the lower right and pins and needles in on the lower left.

My neck hurts. Its not stiff really. Its more of a pain at the base of my skull and at the end of my neck where the shoulders meet.

My chest hurts. Not in the actual breast but more in the bone that is in the middle.

Past few days I cough now and then and have been sneezing a lot.

Im scared, Like really scared.
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replied March 18th, 2014
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Hi The light you bring. It sounds like anxiety to me. I had anxiety 7 or 8 years ago and I got rid of it. Now it came back worse. My thighs to my feet burn and tingle. My hands ache and tingle my head feels weird. I am tired all the time. I have no appetite at all. Some times my chest hurts. I would say you got anxiety. Anxiety can produce a lot of different symptoms. Carefull.
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replied March 21st, 2014
Hey there! Just remember that you are not alone with this. So many of us out here have it right along with you. I had the worst attack yesterday that I can remember and I thought for sure I was having a heart attack. Just reading other people's stories and sharing the exact same symptoms instantly helped me calm down. I have joined and bookmarked this site because I really think this is going to help me on my bad days. Stay strong and just remember this online community is here to help you and not judge.
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