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Convicing myself that I'm sick

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A few months ago, my mum told me about a few elderly people she knew and how sick they were. These discriptions included telling me about their feet problems. That night, I found myself thinking about these feet problems and over the course of the next three days I'd convinced myself that I had numerous foot problems including that I was developing hammertoe and arthritis. I was able to sleep easy finally when my dad took me to the foot doctor who told me there was nothing wrong.

Today, I found a bug in one of my drawers, and immediately threw everything in the wash and scrubbed the drawer with heavy cleaner because I was sure it had laid eggs. Now I'm afraid I have worms. I just looked up the symptoms and I can't help but feel like I must have them.

There is a part of me, (the reason i came to this website) that knows that it's all in my head, but the possibility that I could actually have these problems is scaring me out of my wits. I heard a story about a guy who was going to the bathroom and pulled a meter-long worm from his butt, and I'm terrified it will happen to me.

Can someone please tell me what to do to either stop being afraid of having every disease/illness/problem possible or at least try to give me some advice?
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replied June 24th, 2010
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Hi areyouready and welcome to ehealth: I think that years ago I felt like you did...It's just plain part of growing up...You can go one way or the other....Be a slob or be neat and aware of life as you are...I am sure that there are stories about life that go on and on....I used to worry myself sick...However, now going back to the old people part of your post, many elderly people are ill...But then we must add to this that many children are ill, too....Along with this knowledge we must learn that this is the part of life that we accept...Honey, enjoy life...Make every single minute count...Not that you are planning on dying, but that you are young and learning to live...I send you my love....

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