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contractions in 22 weeks of pregnancy

I have pains in the 22 week of pregnancy. I have twin pregnancy. my doctor advice me complete bed rest after stitches on the mouth of uterus. My question is can it be possible that I feel pains again before completion of 38 weeks.

please reply

thanks with regards
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replied August 17th, 2009
Yes it is possible to get contractions again even with
the stitches. I had twins and I started labour at 22 weeks I held on to them in my body until 32 weeks gestation at 24 weeks I had the dexamethizon
(steroid) shots that helps to mature the babies lungs.
I also had them again at 28 weeks. One shot on the left
and 24 hours another shot on the right side. Both my twins were great me not so good them great. One was 4lbs 7oz girl the second came by ER c-section 36 minutes later
and was 3lbs 8oz. They we NICU for 3 days then twin A was
released after 3 weeks and twin B 5 weeks and 2 days. You will be fine. Listen to the doctor do bed rest no walking, no dancing, no exercises, bathroom back to bed.
It also means someone else makes you your food. You are not to stand for long periods of time. If possible get a tv, computer, video games,or books where ever you like for paasing time. For eating invest in a bar fridge then before your other half goes to work or your friends visit
it can be filled for the day for you to eat. Please just remember the longer they are inside you the better off they will be especailly now!!! They most likely weigh about 1 to 2 pounds at the very most. You can keep them until full term which for twins is 37 weeks 15 weeks to go. I ended up being put in and out of the hospital from 22 weeks on. I spent many nights/days in the high risk part of the hospital. My best advice is to stay off your feet and stay in bed. Try to relax. After you have the twins because EVERYONE and their dog is going to want to come see them. If you do not want them to come over say so or when people come to visit put up a chore list and tell them even before the babies come that if you want to come and see the babies you have to do a chore while at your house with them. For example put a load in the washer/dryer/dishwasher, sweep the floor/mop it. Any chore and remind them if they visit you will not be waiting on them they will have to help
themselves to their own drink or what ever. You will be very very tired once they are home. It works I had a list
up most did a chore or two. I think I had 2 or 3 people stop by and do nothing but they also did not expect me to wait on them which is just as good. Also you sleep when they sleep no matter what time it is. Do not go crazy and clean while they are sleeping you will be exhausted by day 2 at home with them. You can always
PM me anytime and I can give some other tips for things
when you have twins.
please do not worry just stay in bed and rest after they
are born you will not get rest again. Trust me my twins are 7 and my twins are 4 yes two sets.
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