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Contracted Herpes and I also have HIV?

After a night that I will forever regret I started to get herpes symptoms 1 day later. A week later I got the test back positive for herpes. I contacted that partner and asked him to get tested. Turns out he was negative for Herpes (blood test, never had an outbreak), but was positive for Chlamydia. I also got treated.
In 6 weeks I've had two herpes outbreaks, one yeast infection right after the first OB, and now after the second outbreak I think I got another yeast infection.
I keep reading online that multiple yeast infections can be due to the HIV virus. Prior to this encounter 6 weeks ago, I had gotten tested and was negative for everything. And now I'm afraid I have the virus. The only flu-like symptoms I had with swollen lymph nodes was during my first herpes outbreak. Now I'm stressing out and I think I'm making myself have more outbreaks.
I'm wondering if I should take one of those early hiv diagnose test.
Also we used condoms for intercourse, but not for oral sex. Also his penis touched my vulva quickly, and I had no open sores or cuts. I'm afraid that since I contracted herpes and chlamydia, he possibly had HIV (although he tested negative).
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replied May 24th, 2012
Extremely eHealthy

Do the HIV antibody test at three months post exposure, if that is negative, then you are conclusively HIV negative. If you continue to experience symptoms, test for HTLV and other infections.

Best wishes.

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