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Contraceptive pills. forgot to renew the prescription

My girlfriend has been taking contraceptive pills for over a year now (French Ludal G: Lvonorgestrel, Ethinylestradiol). She just had her period and was supposed to resume taking her pills today, but forgot to renew the prescription and wasn't able to. What's the risk of pregnancy? Her cycle is usually fairly regular: her period comes 2 days after she quits taking the pill, and lasts about 4 days.

According to the indications, we should wait a full month (or full cycle) before having intercourse without a condom (any time a pill is taken over 12h late), but the instructions do tend to stay on the safe side. She missed a day once, and we were lucky enough to avoid an undesired pregancny. I know that right after her period is generally a pretty safe time, as it's the beginning of her cycle, but I'm hesitant insofar as later on, considering lack of hormonally induced changes, and would like to know for sure. If she takes the first pill a day late, perhaps the immediate risk is low due to the moment in her cycle, but could that delay pose a higher risk later on?

I'm usually a cautious person, and I wouldn't be asking this if it weren't for the fact we haven't seen each other in a month, and we finally see each other tomorrow and, know Smile I have trouble reaching climax with a condom and...after so long, impulses might be strong, caution less so. Knowledge would certainly help. Should we use a condom? Should we do so until the end of the month?

Thanks in advance!
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replied September 24th, 2014
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Her chances of pregnancy depends on when you had sex.

Since she missed the start of the pack, you should avoid ejaculating inside her until she had taken the first 7 pills of the new pack. Missing a pill in the middle is not the same as starting late.

Best of luck!
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