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Continuous problems with cut to bottom of foot

cut the bottom of my foot on a broken glass bottle, took 4 stitches. I have walked using a walker for about 2 weeks. I got the stitches out a couple of days ago and my doctor has taken me off work for another two weeks, as i am still not able to bear my full weight on that foot yet. the wound is closed, but it still hurts really bad. I have no feeling in parts of my foot around the wound, and my foot seems to swell tremendously when i where a shoe. Its not a tight shoe, just a slip on, i had to start wearing that because the pad of my foot right under my toes became extremly sore and bruised from limping on it. I have stopped using the walker, however it is still very hard for me to get around. My ankle swells, and sharp pains shoot through my foot and up through my calf muscle. The cut itself, I know is not entirely healed, but shouldnt i be using that foot more than i am now? Im worried im not healing as well as my doctor says i am. Clean wound, no infection, but my entire foot is in severe pain daily...please help with any ideas of why this is, and any ideas of what i can do to speed my healing process...thank you!!
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replied March 4th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

This is a little later for an answer, but for others with similar situations:

It is very concerning that you are having such extensive problems, from a fairly benign problem.

It is not uncommon to have a localized area of numbness right around a laceration. The skin nerves are like branches on a tree, so anytime a nerve branch is cut, the area past that cut will be numb. This is to be expected and is not anything abnormal. Usually, with time, the nerve branches will regenerate back into the area. Not always, but most of the time.

Though the area just around the laceration may be sore, by two weeks, you should be able to put some pressure on it. Sometimes, a patient can even bear weight on the area if a doughnut for felt or foam is cut out, so that the pressure is not directly on the laceration.

But, again, by two weeks, there are surgical patients who are able to bear weight on surgical wounds, with little difficulty.

It is concerning that you are still having significant amount of pain and swelling. especially if there is no wound healing problem or infection.

This is concerning, that you may be developing a problem called CRPS Type II (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome II). This was formerly called RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy).

The hallmark of CRPS II is pain out of proportion to the problem. It also has other objective signs and symptoms, such as swelling, warmth, redness, pain, loss of motion, etc, etc.

This condition has to be thought of to be diagnosed. It is often picked up late, because physicians are looking for another cause or reason for the continued problem. However, if it is this, the earlier it is picked up and treatment is started, the better the outcome.

If you do not progress pretty rapidly here, in the next couple of weeks, you really need to find out what is going on. A simple laceration (ie not "complex" - involving multiple tissues types, such as tendon, nerve, blood vessel, fascia, etc) should have basically healed up nicely in a couple of weeks. One may be a little sore right around the laceration, but with cushioned shoes or a doughnut, one should be able to bear weight with no problems.

So, again, if you are not getting a lot better, real soon, have this checked out by an orthopedic surgeon or a physiatrist (a specialist in PM&R - physical medicine and rehabilitation).

Good luck.
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