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Continuing Depression, I'm just having a hard time.

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I am having depression that doesn't seem to be worsening but it's not really getting any better. I really don't enjoy hardly anything anymore. Exercise is one of the few things I like. My last girlfriend left me after a hard breakup and my parents are into drugs. My brother talks to me a lot and helps me when I feel down but I am in college so I don't see him often. My grades aren't the best either and I'm just having a hard time. What can I do to help myself feel happier? I am also not sleeping as well and don't even really have much food to eat most of the time because of how bad finances are at home. I do counseling with a guy and that is really something I look forward to as I like my counselor a lot. He is very nice. I do take Zoloft for depression at 50 mg but I don't feel like it's helping me really.

What things can I do to help lift my mood? I try to hang out with my friends but they all drink alcohol and drugs and I don't want to get involved in that.
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