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Continued feelings of hopelessness

Just turned 65...not much better than 64!
Continued feelings of hopelessness. I don't want to commit suicide since it will leave other feeling guilty--and I'm not that bold. However, I don't have any hope for a future...the past haunts me... I want to will myself to die. I feel guilty for being so healthy. Why do other people die, and I continue to breathe?
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replied October 28th, 2010
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Hi cullen0 and welcome to ehealth:....Why the hopelessness?....Unlike you, I love today and live for the future...The past is my past...I cherish most of it yet know that I can't change any part of it... I believe this part of me was mapped out before I was born...Seeing I have a few hurting parts, I find I have no guilt about my health...As for your remark about dying, I would say because this is the life cycle that has been put on us by our maker...Why do you breathe?....Because both of us have not found the place where our life has been destined to end....

Good luck my friend...As for me, I'm older than dirt and cherish every moment that I am alive....Take care....

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