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Constipation due to my current weight?

Hey guys. I am a 21 year old male. I am 5 10 and weigh 119 pounds (you will find out why so low if you keep reading )

4 years ago, my senior year of high school, after cross country ended I continued to train on my own running 60-70 miles a week. I weighed around 130-135 at this time. On one occassion, I made myself throw up, but told my family about it that day and we talked about it (I havent purged since). However I continued to exercise (running) in large amounts, and while I may have never limited the amount of food I ate, what I did eat was still probably "too healthy" and not energy dense enough. My freshmen year of college I started to lift a lot and eat a lot more in addition to running and gained up to around 140 pounds. Then during my second year of college I began running more again and indirectly not eating enough food to replace what I was burning. My weight over that year proabably dropped down to around 126 or 127 pounds (not super underweight, but I am a man by then and most likely should be 10-15 pounds heavier, and should have been eating much more given my activity level ). Over that summer I began to become very badly constipated. This constipation has continued for the past two years. I have had to use my finger to stimulate a bowel movement in the mornings since then. During my junior year, because of how bad it was my apetite took a huge hit and my weight dropped to 112. After that point I forced myself to eat and gain back to around 118-120 but even eating over 3000 calories a day I cannot gain and my constipation wont improve. My docs put me on zoloft which didnt help, so I have been off of it for a while. I have tried every different type of diet possible to alleviate constipation. I have also had endoscopies and colonoscopies (no celiacs), anal rectal manometry tests, mri defecographies, etc, and there is nothing wrong with my colon, how I have a bowel movement, my spine is fine, etc. Colonics didnt even work either.

IS this constipation most likely because I am underweight. I have gotten away from using my finger, but I realize in order to get my life back (this has caused me to feel no energy, depression, no sex drive, etc) I need to keep eating lots of calories to gain weight. I have been giving myself a warm water enema (half gallon kit at walgreens) every morning to keep from becoming impacted (happened once before, wont let it happen ever again) and to keep my apetite up (colonic lady said enemas were ok to use when used properly, and much preferred to laxatives). I would say my anorexia was a subtype. While I have never severely restricted food like I said, overexercise is what has led to my malnutrition ed/underweight state.

Also, my constipation is specifically, I will not get "the urge" to go to the bathroom for 3-4 days and when I do I feel like my muscles down there dont have a lot of "push/power".

Has anyone had bad constipation associated with anorexia, and then gotten rid of the constipation by getting back to a healthy weight?

I am just afraid I will never be able to poop on my own again. IS this type of constipation commonly associated with anorexia (I wont get "the urge" to go to the bathroom for 3-4 days, and when I do my muscles down there dont feel like they have a lot of power/push). I know that delayed gastric emptying and bloating is, and when anorexics were refed for several weeks the gastroparesis resolved, and was wondering if gaining back up to a healthy BMI would fix my constipation.
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replied August 1st, 2013
Sorry no one responded. I hope you got it sorted.

I'll respond in case anyone else finds it helpful.

It should resolve when you regain a healthy weight.

It sounds like an eating disorder which is actually caused by energy deficiency, see the Minnesota starvation study. You should take a break from any exercise and refeed by eating high calorie foods, don't worry about it being too healthy, eat some junk food as well as the good foods. If you worry about eating certain foods because you think they're unhealthy and struggle stopping the exercise you'll need help.
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replied September 15th, 2013
Running will probably cause your stomach to become tense. Coupled with lack of eating, your body attempts to compensate for a nearly empty stomach by pushing air into it (hence the constipation). I would suggest stopping running for a while. I know because I am a cross country runner as well, and very cautious of what I eat. Just rest (no running) do some stretches, but don't eat fatty food (no extremes, either way!).

Yes, I had anorexia (apparently) and dropped to 103 pounds. But I think I've gotten over it and am around 119lbs. Mind you, I'm female, so you should be a little heavier.
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