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Constipation and Sharp Lower LEft Abdominal pain

have a question on if I should see a Gastreoenterologist or not, and if you could please provide me with somethings this could possibly be.


* Pain on Lower left Abdomin
* Constipation
* When I push it makes the pain sharp where my Ovary should be.
* Barley going to the bathroom
* I have been taking Metamucil which usually helps

I had this about 2 months ago

They did Ultra sounds MRIS and Xrays... I do not have a kidney stone, or an oviarian cyst. I guess everything looks normal, but I was in so much pain I was in tears.... I am 20 year old Female... and shouldnt really be having such constipation problems, I shouldnt be having such terrible lower abdominal pain on left side.

If I do go to the bathroom it is barley anything at all though it feels like huge and painful please help me and give me some ideas on what could possibly going on. They did blood work and everythine multiple times and I am almost positive they checked for IBS and Diverticulitus....
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replied June 10th, 2013
I went to the doctor then they told me to get an ultrasound hten they ultrasound came back just fine called the DR he said see a gynecologist ( i have a history of ovarian cyst, though not on the ultrasound) went to the gyn said they were going to do an MRI for kidney stomes.... nothing that was fine... they said if I still hurt call them... I was in the worst pain ever ( and now its starting again) I called my dr. he put me on that magnisium citraite drank 2 full bottles in about 48 hours.... only went once.... had me on miralax still didnt go went back in they did an Xray saw the poop in there... and said stay with the miralax... THIS SUCKS NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME and I have a consistant pounding pain in my lower abdomine .... Please if you know anything let me know the doctors I have went to guessed were wrong sent me somehwere else.
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replied June 23rd, 2013
I have similar issues, but mainly LUQ/RUQ pain. Same issues with going to the bathroom, Miralax does not work for me either.. Magnesium Citrate works somewhat but it does not feel like it fully empties the colon, and it also seems to burn my stomach. It sounds like you need to empty out, I realize it does not occur normally for you nor does it for me either but it be worth trying other options.

Today I am having LLQ pain and very constipated. The only thing that works (slowly) for me so far is the Dulcolax pills (if you get a small bowel series for any reason) they also request that you take 3 Dulcolax with 8oz of water at 8PM, it may take some time to have a bowel movement but it usually will happen. You can also try mineral oil (2 x 40mg) but take it by itself, it can take up to 24-48 hours to work. Also regarding the mineral oil, use it sparingly as it can block absorption of nutrients.
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