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as a child and adolescent, even today, i seem to constantly feel sleepy. in high school i would take a couple naps at school, then when i got home i would take another nap, then get up, eat dinner and then go back to bed again for the night. today i can not do that due to working full time and going to college part time. but even today i still feel extremely tired, i always want to nap when i get home from work, i go to bed early because i just cant keep my eyes open and stay awake. when the weekend comes, i easily sleep 12 hours like its nothing.
i eat healthy everyday, fat free yogurt, apples, oranges, rice, steak, chicken, pork, eggs, lots of water, etc.
why am i always so sleepy? and why do i sleep so many hours? could this be anemia? or something else?

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