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Constantly Irritated Eye After Injury, Docs Find Nothing

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Hello and thank you for your time,

First a little background information.. Long story short, about ten years ago, I had the area between my right eye and nose pretty much fractured. I even had to have multiple surgeries on my nose, so I could breathe correctly out of that side again.

Pretty much ever since then, my right has has been constantly irritated, dry, scratchy, mostly towards the inner part of my eye. The blood vessels are almost always dialated in the inner corner. I constantly have mucus draining into my eye throughout the day and wake up with it covering my eye every morning. Sometimes when I get tired, the heavy eye feeling you get, is ten times worse in that eye.

I have been to a few eye doctors about this issue, my vision checks out fine. I've had them looking behind my eye, run all types of test, and even after to explaining to them what happened, every single one of them has come to the conclusion - 'it's just allergies'

I honestly am at the point, where I don't know what to do. The last doctor gave me allergy drops, and they've helped slightly, but its still barely manageable and bothers my all the time. I'm not saying allergies isnt causing my issue, but there has to be a reason that one eye is so much worse then the other, considering what happened to that area. Plus that whole area just doesn't feel 'right'.

I am sick of paying co-pays, taking off work, just to get the same answer. Maybe I should see a different type of doctor (my ent didn't think so) or maybe someone has some clue about whats wrong with me. I don't know, but if anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.
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