i am 26 and a single mum so yes i know it is a tiring life general but for a long time now (before i had a my child) i have always been unwell alot and always seem to feel tired. i do eat plenty of fruit and veg and try to drink plenty of water and it doesnt matter how much sleep i have either.

i do know what to do and i dont want it to impact on my child or my work suffer.

any help please

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replied April 10th, 2012
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one thing I can suggest is be sure when you're sleeping, that the room is completely dark so you can't even see your hand in front of your face. And quiet, no electrical items plugged in. Our skin has light sensing cells, the tiniest amount of light anywhere on our bodies can keep us from sleeping well. Try taking chewable vitamin C through the day, it helps you handle stress and many other benefits.

I hope you find something that helps.
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