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constantley urinating and my mouth is dry... diabetes??

Hey, I'm 17 and about to enter my Senior Year.In Spring I was 170 pounds. I work out sometimes and more often now. I noticed today I am constantley urinating and my mouth is often dry. I'm not really thirsty though but I drink to get hydrated. I measured my weight and I am 180 pounds, overweight and I don't know why. I work out often, I don't even look fat. Also my eyes are starting to get blury only when I take glasses off and it clears off when I'm used to it, I usually don't wear glasses.

I am very worried about getting diabetes. Can someone please tell me if I'm at high risk??
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replied July 19th, 2012
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Hi Andrew223344 and welcome to ehealth: From what you have stated I can't see a definite sign of Diabetes....However, if you are concerned then have a blood test to see how everything reads...This should tell you if anything is going on...Take care....

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