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constant tingling in my left foot and hand. Is it MS?

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Since July I have been getting constant tingling in my left foot and hand. It does sometimes go to my right hand and foot but not as noticeable as it is on the left side.The tingling is pretty much all the time, it may go off for a few minutes but comes back again. I have found that it gets worse after I have been to the gym.
I get a crampy/aching feeling at least twice a week in my legs, particualy in my calves and i get a vibrating sensation sometimes in my feet and legs. I sometimes go a bit wobbly on my feet and i've had tinnitus for about a year. The first time I can remember noticing it was when I had Glandular Fever a year ago and since then its non stop. I also get poor vision, not every day but some days it can feel quite cloudy and my eyes feel irritated.

Now, i've been to my GP several times, and to be honest they are no help I feel like they are not taking me seriously at all this is really scaring me and I pretty much think about it all the time. The first time I went she put me on beta blockers for anxiety, but this didn't help at all.She said my tinnitus was most probably down to white noise...I nearly laughed out loud when she said it! It's not white noise, I can hear my ears ringing over the TV and music playing! She refered me to a neurologist more because I made her! I saw the specialist a few weeks back who was so horrible and again didn't take me seriously at all...he did all his tests, and says its' not MS but could see I wasn't having it and I said i wanted an MRI as this is getting me down. He couldn't give an explanation for the tingling and said it was nothing! MY MRI is booked for the 14th Dec.

Now, I am open to it not being MS and I can understand it being anxiety but only because I am anxious about it being MS so it would be like a vicious cycle. I also read up on underactive thyroid and this can cause similar symptoms and I have previously been borderline underactive on a previous blood test.

What are your thoughts and has anyone else experienced something like this and could give me some information about whether it most probably is MS or just down to anxiety?

Also, my mu has MS and was diagnosed when she was 30.

Thank you
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replied December 16th, 2011
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It could be anything from a vitamin deficiency to anxiety or even MS. I suggest you get a doctor who is serious in helping you.

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