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Constant stomach rumbling and intestinal discomfort for months?

So for about 2 years now, I've had chronic afflictions with my body. For my final year of highschool, I had what felt like constant chest tightness. I was so worried I had heart problems but over the course of a year and a half, the symptoms finally went away and I was living a normal life. In January of 2013, my mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. She ultimately passed away in early February because she had a bad case of Pneumonia and her body couldn't fight it off because of the cancer. That's when I noticed I started getting near constant rumbling, gas, and a feeling that can only be described as tightness or gnawing near and around my intestines, not my abdomen. I had bouts of Diaherrea all my life since I was a child so it doesn't really concern me when I have it. I am in relatively good health but my diet is quite poor. I eat a lot of processed foods and foods high in sugar, although the past 2 weeks, I quit Soda and Dairy cold turkey and I have felt tremendously better. I am currently taking 20mg of Fluoxetine daily for anxiety, it runs in the family. My mother and sister both took/take medicines for anxiety and social anxiety. As you can see, I have seemingly a lot going on. I went to the doctor after being worried that I had some kind of fatal illness like cancer or something of the sort, I was tested for H Pylori and came back negative. Doctor said I looked great and my stomach felt healthy, and diagnosed me with IBS. I'm quite confidentwith that diagnosis as I dont really share any alarming signals of a worse disease. Never nausea, unless in a car which is normal for me, haven't vomited in over 4 years, and my stools are the perfect color, no blood to be found.

I might also add that I was rushed to the ER when I was 2 days old because my intestines were blocked. I had my stomach cut open and they removed a small portion of my large intestine. They claimed it would not cause problems for all my life but my mother was skeptical about that. I've been lactose intolerant my whole life and have always had issues regarding my digestion, just not as bad as it is now.

I am 19, soon to be 20, 6 feet, around 140 pounds.

Anyone have any insight on what this could be? I know I said a lot and some of my stuff I answered myself but I'm trying to reassure myself nothing is wrong except maybe some mild IBS and extreme anxiety. I think if I had cancer or a lethal illness, my body would have reacted by now since I've had these symptoms for more than 2 years. I also find it hard to believe that digestive cancers are common in people as young as me.

Thanks for my help!
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replied October 24th, 2013
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Continuing to alter diet to a more healthy one is would probably decrease your symptoms. Except I would add turkey back in. It is really only red meats that you should avoid. However, you don't have to if you don't want to. Also, beware that anxiety can actually cause some of the symptoms you are feeling especially the 'tight' feeling. Ultimately, I think if you continue to eat more healthy you should see some improvements.

Best of luck.
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