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I have been sick for about 5 weeks now. It started with a dry cough and I was extremely fatigued. 3 weeks later it seemed to be clearing up, then my symptoms changed, I got a very phlegmy cough (though it was white/clear).. The next week I started getting a very bad pain just under my lower right rib, sometimes it would also feel like it crackled. I went to the doctor and he said it was just cough left over from my cold, and possibly a bruised rib. I was given a puffer and codene for the pain. I haven't been using the codene, it made me too drowsy. Over a week later, these are now my symptoms:

Weight loss (dropped from 122 to 116) -- I'm 19 years old.
loss of taste and smell
feeling weak
runny nose (and nose is stuffy)
constant pain under lower rib cage, though not as severe as when it first started
stomach aches, sometimes diarreah
sometimes coughing to relieve phlegm

I feel no better than I did 5 weeks ago. Could this pain somehow have to do with my liver?
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replied March 18th, 2009
Pain under right rib cage

I have hepatitis C and I do get pain in the same place. That is where your liver is located, on the right under your ribs. Nausea
can go along with liver diease also. I would
ask to be checked for hepatitis. Also, your stools can turn a yellow, mustardy color with
liver disease. I cough a lot with a lot of phlegm also but I don't think that would have
anything to do with liver disease unless you have some problem with your esophagus or reflux can cause that. I have had to have my esophagus dilated twice for swallowing problems.
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replied May 18th, 2009
why does the doctor check your liver on the left and then said it is swollwing or enlarged my pain is on my left side
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